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An Independent Customs Broker for Alaska's Business Community

The commodities imported into Alaska are a wide range of various types of products and supplies.  These articles include oil field equipment and supplies, different types of heavy construction equipment, textile products for arctic weather, pre-made foods and vegetables from Canada and Mexico, various animal feed products, horticulture and agriculture products and supplies, vehicles, trailers, recreational vehicles, hay for feed, horses, cows, pigs, lamas, alpacas, various satellite equipment, house logs, lumber, hot-tubs and modular homes, just to name a very few.  

Every shipment into Alaska is unique in itself.  You must select someone that understands your products, how they are to be used, and what your time line is.  It is very easy to move a product from point A to point B, however the information logistics that is required to facilitate the movement is the challenge.  Mix some Alaskan environment and remoteness into the shipment, and it would be best to have a local expert to assist you.  
As Customs & Border Protection Service would say, "Know before you go".

Going on Safari and bringing back your big game trophies can be somewhat tricky.  Be sure to check with the Fish & Wildlife Service prior to planning your hunting trip.  It would be a shame to have an experience of a lifetime only to have your trophies refused entry into the United States and Seized.  

Has your company been importing into the United States for a very long time, then start expanding business into other port locations?  Are you now experiencing a change in how your articles are being classified?  Research your commodities using the US Customs Binding Ruling system CROSS.  There maybe a binding ruling on file for your articles and by including that BR number on your International Documents, a Broker is bound to use that classification and duty rate.
Are you looking to import agriculture feed, seed, equipment and growing products for your farm or greenhouse?  Be sure to check for special requirements from US Department of Agriculture, the Food & Drug Administration and the Department of Transportation. .
Keep in mind that only you know your products.  The Global Market Economy is the Industry of the Future.  In order to be successful, make sure that you utilize all of the tools necessary to make you marketing and purchasing venture a profitable one. Research your commodities and your trade agreements between countries.  
The good rule of thumb, always have a plan and "Know before you go".
An example of "Know your Products" is this beautiful globe made of various stone and crusteacean peices.   The Mother of Pearl and Abolone that is used to represent a few of the globes countries, places this article into a Fish & Wildlife regulated import.  This globe under those conditions would require F&W Clearance as well as US Customs clearance.
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